Sims Dentistry of Louisville


Sims Dentistry of Louisville was in need of a brand overhaul with a fresh logo and website. A younger dentist entered the practice so they wanted a bright and modern twist to the office’s image. They wanted to use the logo on a variety of products, such as signage, uniforms, print and promotional material. All the dentists were raised in Louisville so I started with the symbol of the city, the flour de lis. I created a tooth in the top of the floor de lis to tie their career and hometown together.

The website needed to be simple and clean, just like a typical dentist appointment. They have a lot of information but didn’t want to overwhelm the visitors because let’s face it, going to the dentist is overwhelming enough! Creating this website to work on all platforms and operating systems is very important so a responsive design was necessary. I also used a WordPress CMS so they could update content as needed.